Bollington - Home of the World's First Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant

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Community Orchards

Community Gardens for the Bridgend Food Hub

Herbal Hedges

Schools Planting

What if.. your neighbourhood started its own planting initiative?

  • Community energy

  • Home energy: Thermal Imaging

  • Sustainable & local transport solutions

  • Air Quality Monitoring

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🏠 What if.. you could see the heat leaks in your home? Contact Us to arrange for a thermal imaging scan

Bollington now has the following stand-alone inititatives:

  • Bollington Borrowers

  • Bolly Mug Library

  • Bolly Bag Library

  • Terracycle units

  • Plastic Free Bollington


and is mapped on the

💧 Refill National Initiative

Community-led change:

speak up, take action and

BE the transition away from unsustainable living


Bollington - a Transition Town

Transition moves away from unsustainable lifestyles, behaviours & production to alternative cleaner technologies, energies & more socially integrated, resilient communities. Becoming a transition town will benefit Bollington, enhance its tourism credentials and foster social togetherness with reduced fossil dependency.


Bollington residents are driving *local* grassroots community actions that bring folk together for sustainability, resilience, social change and earth happiness in our happy valley community & its local economy.

Transition Bollington facilitates Community Conversations that springboard initiatives for sustainable, resilient futures and promote eco-friendly and green lifestyles. As an action group we take on projects that address the core principles of transition in the journey away from fossil dependency.

Our upcoming meetings are listed on the Events tab, and are also advertised on Facebook (see link at foot of page). We share ideas in an open forum and welcome new faces, ideas and input.

By nature, transition is diverse, inclusive and apolitical. For more information on the Transition movement, please visit the website.

Local Links

Active organisations / initiatives around Bollington
(we love what these folks are doing)

Plastic Free Bollington

Bollington Borrowers (Library of Things)

Bollington Recycling

Bollington Freecycle

Bollington Growers

Bollington Plant Exchange

The 12 Days of COP (2021)

52 Small Steps



The ONE Project

Grow Macclesfield

Macclesfield Plant Swap

Not Just  - Plastic Reduction

Macclesfield website with a wealth of useful plastic reduction advice, facts and actions you can take! - everything Macclesfield including links to Food4Macc and Macc Recycling Network - everything for the local 2 wheel lifestyle



4 EVCPs have been installed at Pool Bank car park in Bollington, the official Opening Ceremony will be at 1pm on Wednesday 22nd December 2021 in the car park, attended by the Mayor along with representatives from Bollington Town Council and Transition Bollington.